December 23, 2008

You Know What This Flight Needs? A Drunk Pilot!

Especially when it's a 4400 mile flight from England to India.

Dad-of-two Michael Harr, 62 — who had been to a Christmas party the night before — was breath-tested and hauled out of the cockpit of the Boeing 777.

He was marched off the flight to Mumbai in India as colleagues preparing for the 4,400-mile, nine-hour trip watched in horror.

Police were tipped off when airport staff smelt alcohol on the veteran flier as he passed through routine security.

And the best part?

“He was arrested and now faces losing his job. He is only a couple of years away from retirement and has blown everything.

“Apparently, he and some of his younger colleagues had been out on Saturday night and the drinking got out of hand.

“He thought he could keep up with the youngsters.” Airline pilots are meant to avoid alcohol for eight hours before flying.

A photo of tubby Harr posing in his cockpit and looking red-faced appears on the Facebook website.

The former Delta Airlines pilot, who lives in Griffin, Georgia, boasts in his profile: “This old marine is still flying for $$$ after over 40 + yrs.” He goes on to joke: “Do it till I get it right.”

A spokesman for Indian-based Jet Airways said of the drama on Flight 9W119: “The first pilot was replaced and passengers were only delayed by ten minutes.”

Idiot. If you have a Facebook page, keep it bland, use a fake name, and post a picture of Elvis and Nixon shaking hands as your "profile photo".

Just sayin'.

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