February 24, 2009

You know what, fuck you

A certain blogger who's got a gig at a Gay Conspiracy and Rumor mag has something important to say, though I can't (even if I wanted to, and I don't) link to what he writes:

More birth-certificate weirdness. I'm convinced by this evidence. But I see absolutely no reason why Obama himself should not release the actual original document and provide it to the press. The president of the United States, like anyone else in public life, has no "right to privacy" in a matter like this, and there's absolutely no good reason why he should refuse to give the press every conceivable piece of evidence at his disposal to clear up even paranoid conspiracy theories about his birth and eligibility to be president.

I mean: who does he think he is? Sarah Palin?

You're a Goddamned conspiracy theorist who's trafficked in the vilest of rumors. Who the fuck do you think you are to point out that people are off their nut for thinking anything about any Goddamned thing? YOU are a fucking crazy person, and I hope you end up in the Goddamned booby hatch.

Oh, and is there any reason why Barack hasn't released his full medical records yet? I'm fairly certain he's a natural born citizen, but we haven't seen much about his health. How about that, Andi?

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