October 13, 2008

Yes, They Are Worthless

To piggy back off of DPUD's earlier post about the RNC extending a $5 million lifeline to the Senate candidates, my reply is:
Yes, they are worthless, but (sadly) they may be our only buffer against full bore Obamanomics.

But, in a wave year, as in 1994, 2000 (a mini wave, Senate wise, where massive Dem GOTV and last minute events such as Bush's DUI and the Mel Carnahan death in MO caused many of the Class of 1994 and other GOP stalwarts such as Roth to lose), 2002, 2004 (Senate wise again, where virtually every tight Senate race went for the GOP), and 2006, one factor is the fact previously invincible incumbents fall to virtual nobodys they should trounce in a different year. And, sadly, this is shaping up to be another wave.

The problem, as in 2006, is that so many seats are vulnerable, and so many of our Senators have run incompetent campaigns, are crooks, or are fools. Here are the five seats we might as well abandon, since they really have no shot:
CO, VA, NM, OR (Gordon Smith?), and NH. All of these seats are either vacant due to retirements, or are held by Republicans in blue states (such as NH). That right there makes it 56 D (if you count Joe Lieberman).
The next batch are the improbably tight races,incompetent campaigns, or outright crooks:
MN (even in lefty MN, Al Franken should never be as close as he is, except for the fact this is a good year for the Dems), NC (Dole is the worst campaigner and organizer ever), and AK (ugh! How can we stomach supporting a crook, just because he may keep the Senate filibuster proof?). If all three are losses, that's D59.

Sadly, here is where previously thought untouchables are needlessly facing tight races, for no other reason they are a Republican in a Blue Year:
GA and KY (I know McConnell is a fool, but he shouldn't be in a tight race).
If these both go blue, which a wave might portend, it's D61.

And none of this factors in whichever idiot is running in Maine, who might as well be a Democrat.

I hate sounding like Allahpundit, but how sad is it that we may be pinning our hopes for a filibuster proof majority on Ted Stevens (ugh again!), Liddie Dole, Mitch McConnell, and some dimbulb from Maine?

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