February 05, 2010

Yeah, Because Nobody Has Ever Heard Of The Census Before

I really shouldn't get too worked up, since the amount of money wasted on this advertisement really is a drop in the bucket of FAIL that is the government spending, and it advertises something important (it is in the Constitution, after all), but c'mon. Seriously. What the fuck?

Census officials call it a good investment, saying the front-end costs of purchasing the ads can be quickly recouped if they succeed in encouraging people to mail back their census forms. A recent poll found nearly 1 in 5 residents said they may not fill them out, mostly because they were unfamiliar with the census or weren't interested.The government relies on the census not only to learn about Americans and their lives but also to parcel out federal dollars and, as required by the Constitution, to determine the number of U.S. House seats representing each state. The census officially began last month in rural Alaska, and most of the U.S. will receive their forms by mail the week of March 15.

I mean, it's the motherfucking census. How fucking sad is it that the Government is wasting money on mentioning this? 


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