May 14, 2010

Too many jokes to choose from ...

Japan is known for its unique fashion.  Well, at least, I know Japan for that.  Apparently, though, there is one thing that even the Japanese can't forgive - a ridiculous checkered shirt that appears to be from 1987.  (Seriously, click on the link; the picture of this shirt is fucking awesome.  Awesome in a Megashark-vs.-Giant-Octopus kind of way, not in a someone-just-invented-the-teleporter-and-you-can-actually-afford-one kind of way.)

Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has been seeing his poll ratings tumble amid criticism of his leadership - and his fashion sense.

Reporters pounced on a checked shirt he wore to meet members of the public at a barbecue at his official residence.

With one sleeve yellow, the other blue, a red front, purple back and green cuffs, it was certainly eye-catching.

Fashion designer Don Konishi wrote in a national magazine: "Is anyone able to stop him wearing such a thing?"

And you thought Michelle Obama's boob belts were bad.  Hah.

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