October 08, 2009

This'll help the morale problem

Oh yay!
U.S. lawmakers reached an agreement on Wednesday that would allow the Obama administration to bring more terrorism suspects from the Guantanamo Bay prison to the United States to face trial.
Democratic negotiators from the House and Senate included the language in a $42.8 billion bill that would fund the Homeland Security Department for the current fiscal year over the objection of Republicans.

They quote a GOPer saying that they're terrorists who don't deserve Constitutional protections, they allow a Dem to answer saying, "American prisons are secure".
I'm sure they are, I bet they have great cable too, but that doesn't address the point.

The part that will make this a fitting part of the Funniest End of Civilization ever?
When they're let off because the 101st didn't mirandize them we won't be able to send them anywhere because nobody will want them so we'll either have to put them back in Guantanamo or let them loose in the US.

There is some good news. You know how the AP showed that pic of the dying Marine?
Well, they'll still be able to do that, but...
The measure would also allow the Pentagon to block the release of photos showing the abuse of terrorism suspects, which have figured prominently in several scandals.

I'm gonna have to punch Boortz for linking that damn story.

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