September 05, 2009

The (leftist) dog that didn't bark.

You've seen the story  (NY Times Warning!!1!!!) on Drudge about high unemployment among teenagers.
They manage to get a little "analysis" in
Of course, teenagers are likely to have fewer financial obligations than their older counterparts....

They do follow that up with some bad things that means, but they never mention two things that could be contributing to this:
The minimum wage was increased recently That's the first thing I thought, and it's not mentioned until the comments (the comments are actually mostly sane, that must gall the NY Times).

The other one? (I didn't even think about it until I saw it in the comments)
Illegal aliens. The commenter talked about illegal aliens working at fast food restaurants and mowing lawns, work that used to be done by teens.
It's not just that they jump ahead of the line, they screw low wage earners.

As one person put it, great, now they won't have anythiung to do, maybe they could join a gang or do all the stuff that idle teenagers do (Disclaimer: I used to be a teenager. Of course, I could work and cause problems, I multi-task well)

The NY Times, it's the way they surround a story... and cut off avenues of inquiry.

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