October 10, 2010

The company you keep says a lot about you

It seems that The Twat has a rather, um, "interesting" buddy writing over at TwatForum...

The sexual exploitation of children is an almost unimaginable horror, abetted by the insidious online movement to paint pedophilia as just another puritan taboo. It should be just as unimaginable that a prominent public intellectual would allow this evil to fester in the conservative movement, but that is precisely what former Bush administration speechwriter David Frum does each time he renews his support of former NewsReal Blog contributor Alex Knepper.

Knepper’s disgusting views on sex have been thoroughly documented in posts we have written here at NewsReal Blog. We have contacted Frum three times to present evidence of Knepper’s degeneracy. In response, he snidely brushed off our documentation, instead focusing his protege’s energy on how to “fight the crazy right.” Never has Frum condemned any of this previously-disclosed material.

The whole thing has to be read to be believed, but I'm going to warn you right now—there is some *EXTREMELY DISTURBING AND NSFW CONTENT* at the link.

I know that nobody here was buying the crap that The Twat was selling, but he needs to be shunned from polite company until he turns his back on this sick fucking creep.

(Via xbradtc in the comments at H2.)

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