June 26, 2008

The best way to fight sexual assault is by not really fighting it

Of all the defenses of yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on child rapists and the death penalty, this has to be the most vile:

But the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, a nonprofit victim advocacy group representing 80 rape crisis centers, applauded the ruling.

"Most child sexual abuse victims are abused by a family member or close family friend," the group said in a statement. "The reality is that child victims and their families don't want to be responsible for sending a grandparent, cousin or long time family friend to death row."

First of all, what kind of advocacy group for victims of sexual assault is in favor of rewarding those who perpetrate sexual assaults? Did it form alongside the American Hunters and Shooters Association?

Secondly, if a "grandparent, cousin, or long time family friend" raped my child they would be lucky to make it to trial.  Any parent that would rather keep an association than seek justice for their child doesn't deserve to be a parent.

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