April 03, 2010

The Anti-Moron Initiative

Did you guys see the thing in the sidebar at Moron Central about the neo-prohibitionist assholes here in California who want to hike the excise taxes on wine, beer, and spirits to ridiculous levels? Thankfully, I doubt they'll even get the nearly 435,000 signatures needed to put this piece of shit on the ballot, but even if they did, I can't see it passing. Imagine the money that  the California wine industry alone would pour (no pun intended) into killing it.

But, let's say it did pass somehow. Can you imagine the GINORMOUS Costco-style liquor stores that would spring up overnight just across the borders of Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon? People would be renting U-Hauls and filling them with booze to drag back to this hellhole. Oh, and to say that the black market would do a brisk business would be a huge understatement.

Yeah, this has the stink of FAIL all over it.

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