August 21, 2009

That Hopenchange Kool-Aid isn't so sweet now, is it Ann?

I see this from Ann Althouse, whining about Obama framing the health care debate in religious terms as well as Our Lord and Savior's deification of government, and I just shake my head. 

This is the same person who almost a year ago admitted to sucking down a big ol' glass of Hopenchange Kool-Aid, who clearly bought into the cult of Obama, and all of the deifying propaganda surrounding the Media's Messiah.  We all fucking knew what he was, and there's no fucking way she couldn't know, all the information was there for anyone who wasn't willfully ignorant.  So now she's finally seeing what a slimy fraud the guy is? 

Heh, one of her readers asks in comments,

How the hell did this guy get elected again?


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