September 04, 2009

Teenagers are stupid

We all know that, but when you add sex and the Large Hadron Collider (yes, really) into the mix...

The girl, who is aged between 13 and 15, had heard rumours that particle accelerator under the Franco-Swiss border would bring about Armageddon when it was switched on last September.

At the time leading scientists including Prof Stephen Hawking were forced to deny claims that the £4.4bn accelerator would generate a black hole capable of swallowing up the earth.

In the event the collider kicked into life peacefully, although it has since been beset by technological problems.

But police in Brisbane, Australia believe that the teenage girl was so scared by the doomsday speculation that she agreed to have under-age sex with a boy in their school lavatories.

On top of all this foolishness, another student filmed them going at it and circulated it around the school via cell phones, so I bet now she wishes the world actually ended.

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