May 11, 2010

Sometimes I wonder what the hell is the matter with people

A five year old kid who lost his leg in an accident has been bullied repeatedly on his school bus, culminating in an attempt to steal his artificial leg and a black eye from a 13 year old 6' 150 lb teenager.  The father goes to the parents and they refuse to do anything, so he goes to the school district. 

Any guesses on how they dealt with the situation?  (Answer below the fold)
If you guessed they kicked the disabled kid and his sister off the bus you obviously have a bright career in the Canadian education system.

The thing that really kills me about this is the fact that apparently the parents of the 13 year old are OK with him punching a 3'6" 45lb disabled kid just forthe hell of it.  I don't have kids but let me tell you if something like that ever happens to my nieces or nephews, immediately after beating the parents I will beat the kid so severely he will be lucky if he can even think about throwing a punch again with out crapping himself.   

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