July 05, 2010

Some bikers absolutely earned that South Park episode

This one, if you're unaware.  Watched some asshat today ride his Harley up the handicap incline on a curb, then proceed to park his bike on the sidewalk and shop in the local shopping plaza.  Do note, there were pleeeeeeeeeeenty of spaces in the parking lot, and there were plenty of motorcycles in the parking lot just like everyone driving cars, but oh no, no no no no no, we've gotta be Mr. Sooperkewlrebeldouche who can't handle his Harley getting a little warm in the sun, burns his delicate skin doncha know.  Really wish a police cruiser woulda rolled by.  Seriously, don't be an ass, there's a fucking parking lot there, use it.  Least his pipes weren't super loud.

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