October 17, 2008

She wasn't coming to Washington to seek your good opinion, anyway

Peggy Noonan says that Gov. Palin is a failure because 7 weeks in Peggy Noonan (using the guise "we") has no idea what the Governor stands for.

Guess what, Peggy.  I know what she stands for, and so do millions of non-DC, non-NYC Americans of all political stripes.  And we don't even get paid to pay attention.  As someone who longs for a career in DC, it pisses me off that conservatives who are there turn their backs on conservatism when it becomes uncouth. 

You don't matter anymore, Peggy, and I think doing something memorable for the first time in 20 years has clouded your judgment.

Update:  This guy says it way better than I do. 

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