October 24, 2008

Report: Police saying Todd lied

Police sources are saying she confessed, and will be brought up on charges.  I noted my skepticism yesterday, something just didn't smell right to me.  Admittedly I was running on gut instinct.  That was my initial reaction, but I think the picture sealed it for me. 

The fact that the B wasn't so much carved, as scratched, the fact that she said it was a large knife rang alarms, but something about it felt off.  I think it was the way her eyes and mouth looked.  When you've been beaten up, you have a very sad, sullen look on your face.  I don't see that in the photo.

In any case, this whole incident is unfortunate, lying and fabricating events is a grave injustice to those who are legitimate victims, because it can breed skepticism and more intense scrutiny.  Obviously, this girl is in need of psychiatric attention first and foremost, and after that, if she's fit for trial, to trial she must go.

I'm still trying to calculate a guess as to what the political fallout is going to be, if anything.  The accusations of race-baiting are going to fly, if they haven't started already.

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