April 24, 2009

Pyongyang Archipelago

I wonder if the smartest administration in United States history is going to use some of their Smart Unicorn Diplomacy to get these U.S. citizens back from hell:

Two female American journalists face five years or more in a labour camp, after North Korea announced today that they would be prosecuted for allegedly crossing the Stalinist state’s border with China.

Euna Lee and Laura Ling, of the web-based channel Current TV, were arrested in mid-March while reporting from the Tumen River, which marks North Korea’s north-east border. They were investigating the plight of North Korean refugees and appear either to have crossed the border or been abducted from the Chinese side by Chinese soldiers.

Either way, they have now become pawns in a much larger international diplomatic game which has seen the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, defy the world by testing a long range nuclear missile and building a small arsenal of nuclear weapons.

After being held for five weeks in a North Korean state guest house, the two are now been formally prosecuted on unknown charges, possible espionage or “hostility toward North Koreans”, which carry a sentence of between five and ten years.

I wish Kim Jong Il read this sight so he could detect my "hostility toward [a] North Korean."

Kim Jong Il is the stupidest, most fucking useless piece of shit on earth and petty tyrants like him deserve only the justice of the noose.  Fuck that.  No noose.  Just tie a granny knot around his neck and let him choke it out.

Oh, and if I were in charge, the response to a tin-pot dictator like that imprisoning American citizens would be complete embargo combined with the PROMISE that anything even remotely resembling an aggresive action would be met with complete nuclear destruction. 

I'm so fucking tired of us getting pushed around by thugs. 

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