October 25, 2010

Praise the prof and pass the bong

Puppy Blender link about the higher ed bubble.
I'm not discussing if there is a higher ed bubble*, I'm just talking about this the pic at the link.
Written on the pic is:
"Four years for a BS with honors
6 years for a Ph.D
Now, I work 70 hours a week for $30K
It just wasn't worth it. I want my 20s back"

If you're working 70 hours for $30k I'm gonna guess neither your BS nor your master's nor your Ph.D required any math and since you don't say J.D, you're not being abused by a law firm.

But that's not the point.

The point is the "I want my 20s back."

You partied your ass off for your 20s on your parent's dime and loans.

You didn't want to go out into the "real world" so you kept going for your Ph.D in 12th century French poetry or Linguistics of the Patriarchy and now have to work your butt off teaching English at a community college or something.

In other words, you partied your ass off and got some useless degrees and now you're mad?
Color me totally uncaring.

*I would suggest there is one for high-dollar schools.
I went to state schools when I went back so my student loan payments are around $130/month.
And that only because I didn't feel like working full time+ the last  two years, I had no loans for the first two years, no sleep, but no loans.
I tutored for pocket money and let loans pay my $350/month rent and pot of stew every week for the last two years in Fucking Utica.

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