June 14, 2009

Pot calls kettle crazier than a shithouse rat

In a post titled "The Trainwreck Of Sarah Palin," in which he derides the Palins for having the temerity to speak out against David Letterman's attacks against members of their family, noted obsessive maniac Andrew Sullivan calls Alaska's Governor "the Wasilla nutcase." Writes the actual nutcase (no link per dpud editorial policy):

So brandishing a special needs infant as a campaign prop was putting your family off-limits? Pushing your own daughter into the klieglights to divert attention from your own fantastic lies is family-protective?
St. Andrew doesn't go into specifics, but one might assume that the "fantastic lies" he refers to are the bugfuck crazy conspiracy theories he himself has promoted about that same special-needs infant being, actually, her granddaughter. Andi also does not provide examples (i.e links) of Palin's baby being used as a "campaign prop."

Hopefully, someday, he'll get the care he needs. Unfortunately, I'm not sure ObamaCare covers his kind of dementia. How ironic, huh?

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