June 19, 2008

One or the other, fellas, take your pick

Blackwater has long been a target of leftist hatred, nearly all of it rabid conspiracy theorizing and innuendo, but there certainly questionable things Blackwater has done and have done.  This is one of those questionable things.  Basically, they had one of their planes crash, which killed three servicemen.  The widows of the three men sued Blackwater, and Blackwater is now trying to get out of it by arguing that this civil case is under the Afghan legal system, which is a shari'a type legal system.  This is the same Blackwater that has sought to hide behind the US legal system in Iraq earlier.

Check out that link for more, See-Dub has this right, Blackwater needs to choose, US legal system or the legal systems of the foreign countries they work in.  Frankly, I'd argue the government should put Blackwater at the bottom of the bid pool for things we need contractors for until they clean up their act. 

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