March 27, 2009

oh never mind

Well this is an oopsie - CT state officials identify someone as getting a bonus from AIG when he didn't.

Now normally that would be no big deal but considering the stalking and the threats and the general nastiness, I rather think that very very least that can happen is a public retraction by the same people at the same volume as the statements.

I also think I should wake up tomorrow six feet tall and with a perfect figure.  Frankly, I think that's more likely to happen.

Behold the power of the state.  State officials can bellow and scream and pontificate and then be all Emily Litella when the facts turn out to be something a wee bit different.  Meanwhile, this poor schmuck now will always be "that guy who got the bonus" even though he didn't.  I know it's too much to expect public officials to give a shit about the lives they are playing with, but a girl can dream.

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