June 07, 2009

NRO's outing of lefty blogger in poor taste

Most of us write here using pseudonyms, and there are many legitimate reasons to use a pseudonym over an actual name, privacy, keeping your business/personal life and political life separate, and safety as well.  Apparently one of the NRO writers doesn't think so, and outed the identity of a lefty blogger at a site called Obsidian Wings.

I'm in agreement with Ed (Morrissey, not Whalen), this lefty blogger at Obsidian shouldn't have been outed, unless he had done something threatening or criminal, was excessively abusive, libelous or slanderous, or had outed someone else, but I don't see anywhere where this guy at Obsidian did anything to justify getting outed.  Strong disagreement is not enough to out someone.  I can pretty much guarantee that Ed Whalen's douchebaggery is the only thing I'd agree with this guy on at this stage, but there it is.

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