March 10, 2009

Now it's my turn to piss everyone off!

I'm going to ignore MP's (completely correct) observation about focusing on stupid things when there's important fights to be had and focus on a stupid thing.  Why?  Because I'm good like that.

This should be obvious but just to clarify:  the following comments are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else here.   My opinions.  My statements.  It's all about meeeeee.

I previously expressed in a calm and demure manner my distaste for those on the Left who attempt to deny my sexuality as I do not adhere to their politics.  Now, it's time to express my displeasure with those on the Right.  There will be far less profanity because those on the Right merely are attempting to throw me out of the club, not deny my very existence.  Proportional profanity, that's the key.

My position that my sexuality is not based on your politics also applies to those on the Right.  I am fully aware that there are many on the Right who do not want me in their party because of that whole bisexual thing.  I'm actually okay with that.  I have no problems with those whose religion deems I will go to Hell for it.  I have issues when people attempt to speed that process along.  I don't even particularly have a problem with being called names and being told I'm going to Hell.  I don't like it by any means but I accept that as the price to be paid for supporting a free exchange of ideas.  People advocating actually killing me is a wee tad different.  That's why the whole opposition to gay marriage = homophobia thing ticks me off.  If that's true, which it's not, then what words are left for those who actually want to push a wall onto them there fags and kill them?  Super doubleplushomophobia?  But I digress. 

What I do mind, deeply, is the presumption that I am lying about my politics or that I am somehow not actually a conservative or a libertarian based solely on sexuality.  That is precisely the same idiocy that the Left practices.  It is no less inappropriate coming from the Right.  If someone wishes to argue that support for gay marriage is not a conservative position, okay then.  But reading comments about those so-called gay conservatives blah blah blah really ticks me off.  Sexuality does not contain within it a certain set of political views.  It just *doesn't*.  And people need to get their heads out of their asses and stop thinking it does.

There.  I feel better now.  I promise I'll go back to boring y'all with half baked discussions of the housing crisis and shoes now.

UPDATE:  Since several people asked - no it was nothing around here.  This is my passive aggressive response to any and all comment threads that appear at Moron Central when Gabe posts about gay marriage, Prop. 8, etc.  I know better than to read the comments over there, I really do.  I also know that much of it is based on the fact that it's Gabe who is posting it.  But this has been on my mind for awhile and I wanted to get it out there.  I also think this is a situation where I need to suck it up and be the better person.  That's not something at which I'm particularly skilled.   

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