June 25, 2009

Moral Equivalence Evil

I'll quote St. Andrew of the Blessed Heart-Ache and his dictator-fellating buddy Juan without linking either:

Juan Cole makes a sharp point. The mass protests in Iran would not be allowed in the US either. And they weren't allowed in the US under Bush-Cheney:
The number of demonstrators arrested in Tehran on Saturday is estimated at 550 or so, which is less than those arrested by the NYPD for protesting Bush policies in 2004.
And how many of them were shot dead in the streets during those protests? How many of their families were charged for the bullets that wiped them out? How can you continue to be a fucking human being when your hatred for one man who you once supported now leads you to compare the arrests of 2004 RNC protesters to what is happening in Iran today?

You are a fake man. You are a lie. I would cast you out from humanity. I would call you a fraud, were there not historical frauds better than you. You have never believed in anything. Your supposed outrage at what is going on has nothing to do with what is going on in Iran. It has everything to do with you, Andrew. You feel like your politics and your political issues du jour should be addressed, and when they aren't, you fuss like a little baby.

To quote a gay man with much more integrity than you've ever had, "You go to hell and you die!"

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