February 22, 2009

McDonald's employee rejected for worker's comp after getting shot defending customer

I dunno, I guess you can make the argument that getting shot three times defending a customer isn't covered by your insurance company's plan, but isn't this one of those ones where if you're running an insurance firm, you just cave and give the guy the worker's comp, if for no other reason than the bad PR a rejection brings?  The insurance firm is using this as their excuse,

As part of the denial, the insurer included a page that details expectations of employees during orientation.  In a robbery situation it tells employees not to do anything that would put themselves or anyone else in danger.  Wilson asserts that clause does not apply in this incident.

Anyone who has worked in fast food or retail at least once in their lives has seen this clause, but this clearly wasn't a robbery, this was an attack, there is a difference, and if this is the best the insurers have got, I hope they get taken to the cleaners.

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