May 19, 2009

Major Caudill and the case of the stolen essay

There's a popular essay that floats around in emails, message boards and other publications regarding the right to bear arms.  It's often attributed to a retired Marine,a Major Caudill.  The popular essay was even recently published in full in a book by Ted Nugent.  Problem:  Major Caudill doesn't exist, or at least he didn't write the essay, a freelance writer named Marko Kloos wrote it in 2007

I would hope that Ted Nugent and some of the others who have used the incorrectly attributed essay would apologize at the very least, and in the case of Ted Nugent, at least some small stipend to go with it, given that The Nuge probably made a fair bit from that book. 

I'll say that having your work and falsely attributed by Ted Nugent is more interesting than having your work falsely claimed by the Vice Chair of the Minnesota GOP.  You got me beat, Marko.

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