September 06, 2010

Kathleen Parker continues to be stupid

We have a few tried and true punching bags here, and Kathleen Parker is one who seldom fails to disappoint, so to speak.

In a column where she suggests that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace may hold the key to Middle East peace—Facebook "friends" don't tend to kill each other, she basically contends—everyone's least favorite "conservative" columnist manages to out-stupid herself with the following:

Meanwhile, evidence mounts that sentiments are shifting among younger people, whose worldviews are broader than those of previous generations. Recent polling by Frank Luntz found that American Jewish college students are more willing than their elders to question the Israeli position. They resist groupthink and desperately want peace.

Might Palestinian youth feel similarly? Alas, I could find no similar polls.


First of all, we're talking about American college kids who have probably never faced a Hamas rocket attack being polled here, not Israelis. Secondly, you "could find no similar polls" because...

1.) I doubt Frank Luntz does much polling in Gaza and/or the West Bank and, more importantly...

2.) Many Palestinian children are brought up from birth to hate their Jewish neighbors and are taught early and often that killing people is a great way to get into heaven.

Such people are not known to desperately want peace.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Parker draws a paycheck from the MFM in between remembering to breathe.

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