February 17, 2009

Is there anyone worse than Debbie Schlussel?

At least Kathleen Parker provides us with some comedy gold every once in a while.  Today she frets that Gov. Palin didn't throw Bristol's pregnant ass out to the curb, amongst other things.  Ladies and gentlemen, the conservative Maureen Dowd:

Not only does she not believe in abstinence, but she doesn’t believe in marriage either, apparently, since it’s been almost a year since she learned she was pregnant and almost two months since she had the kid. And yet, she’s still a baby mama. Hilarious that people call her mother–who enabled this baby mamahood and continues to put a roof over it–the “conservative of the year.” Simply hilarious. Not only has America become socialist under Obama, but conservatives have abandoned any sense of family values. In this one family–the new template for America’s conservative movement–you have a Mr. Mom, teenage pregnancy, single motherhood, and opposition to abstinence teaching. Awesome.

Todd's a Mr. Mom?  I didn't know he was allowed to work on the North Slope oil fields from his home in Wasilla. 

I'd question what solution Ms. Schlussel would have for this situation, but we know that she wouldn't have any.  Well, apart from Gov. Palin quitting her job to be a stay at home mom (NTTAWWT) and fitting all the kids with chastity belts. 

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