June 24, 2008

Intent on biting every hand that feeds it

Damn these people are stupid, no wonder nobody actually buys music anymore.  So who is the RIAA going after this time?  Why, AM/FM radio, of course!  You know, the same AM/FM radio that gives their music hours and hours of airtime of exposure and publicity every day?  Basically, because they aren't making any money from sales anymore, the recording industry wants royalties, which they've never collected from AM/FM radio to make up for it. 

In the past, the RIAA complained about it, but didn't pursue it aggressively because they were making enough from sales to be satisfied.  RIAA has successfully shaken down satellite and internet radio for big royalties, and now have bills in both the House and Senate to go after terrestrial radio. 

If the NAB is smart, they'll immediately start seeking out indie labels and working with anyone who isn't part of the RIAA, and start use their airwaves to bludgeon the dirtbags. 

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