October 27, 2009

I'm from the government, and I'm here to help!

The government in American Samoa received major grants from DHS in order to build better tsunami warning and detection systems...so let's skip the theatrics and buildup and just get down to it.  $25K in big screen TVs, $4K in leather furniture, $77K in "equipment" that no one can account for or locate, and of course an untold fortune in travel and entertainment. 

DHS eventually cut off the money flow and won't issue more funds until American Samoa pays back some of the misused funds, as they should have, but of course there still is no decent tsunami warning system there as a result.  So naturally, there was a tsunami in late September that killed 34 people and caused millions in property damage, and the Samoan government is about as effective in delivering relief as FEMA.  And people wonder why us eeeeevil wingnutty wingnuts are so skeptical of government...

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