April 10, 2009

I heard from a journalist, it must be true!

I feel like breaking out the clue-by-four and cracking some skulls tonight, so that's what I'm gonna do.  I see the Fudds are out in force, trying to throw those youngins with their eeeevil black guns to the authoritarian crocs in the hopes they'll be eaten last. 

This one in particular caught my eye.  He starts off by noting he's old and that he used to shoot a .357 in the 70's, he then says the following,

Our society had become mobile, the bad guys drove muscle cars and the police shifted from the standard 38 caliber to the more powerful 357 Magnum.  A 375 can literally crack the engine block on an automobile.

Yeah, those .357s'll mess up an engine all right...wait, you mean they won't?


Go through and read the rest of this guy's post, it's an endless string of Brady Campaign, media and Hollywood myths, lies and legends, as well as prejudices and projections based in ignorance.  The scary thing is this guy is spouting bullshit lines from 30+ years ago, his ignorance about firearms didn't start after the 70's, it was always there.

I really have no patience for ignorant people like this guy demanding or trying to restrict my liberties and the liberties of others.  I was going to go through and dismantle the guy's entire post line by line, but it just isn't worth the effort. 

Look, I get that he doesn't like the modern guns, or the yoots with bad manners and bad tattoos (I'm not saying tats are inherently bad, but I've seen enough where I've thought, "Really?  You thought that was a good idea to have tattoed onto you? Really?"), but he can't assume they're bad people or have bad intentions just because they have bad taste.  I'll be honest, I'm kinda meh on EBRs and plastic pistols myself, they have the cool factor, but I just can't get too excited about them.  A quality shotgun with beautiful wood and nice engraving, or a crusty old rifle or pistol from the World Wars era or Korea, or before?  Fuck yeah!  Of course, you're talking to a guy in his mid 20's who mostly listens to classical or opera on NPR because modern music is such unlistenable crap.

In any case, you can't go demanding restrictions on stuff you don't know the first damned thing about, especially when it comes to restricting a Constitutionally protected right, and it is very clear this guy has no idea what he's talking about.

Since we're on the topic of Fudd guns, these right here?  One word, WANT, Rizzinis are real pretty too.

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