March 29, 2010

I am deeply deeply disturbed

Some fool has composed a list of the 10 worst science fiction book series and he included the 10 volume L. Ron Hubbard classic Mission Earth on it.

How could he?  written by the master of science fiction himself this series had it all.  Intergalactic intrigue, love, war, hot women in leather, mind control helmets, penis enlargement surgery (wait, what?) drug addiction (??), lesbian B&D fetishists who are converted to heterosexuality by the love (read raped by) of a good man (???), and a plot by the American Psychological Association to seize control of the Earth (????). 

Hmmm, reading those last few maybe I should reconsider my position that this truly was the greatest SF masterpiece of all time. 

Actually what deeply disturbs me is that this is only number 3 on the list.  It should be the number one worst series of all time.  Actually they should invent a new form of math to truly describe it's suckiness.  But the author of the list only rated it number 3, after the Foundation trilogy (which while not great and definitely overrated ) certainly didn't suck that bad, and the Legend of Dune series which I have never even seen. 

Someone should think about revoking his book reviewer license.

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