December 16, 2008

Heartless wingnut credentials? Check!

Here is an article by a gentleman who lost everything to Madoff.  From the article it appears that so did his extended family, to the tune of over $31 million dollars.  My response?  Dude, you are an idiot.  Yes, that's heartless but when you read it you discover that he didn't actually know what the investment was and that they didn't diversify.  Apparently, everything was given to Madoff. 

To this gentleman's credit, he agrees that he was an idiot.  I also did not read anything in there where he's demanding some type of government intervention.  I know that I'm supposed to feel sorry for him.  I simply don't.  He did a stupid, stupid thing and he got screwed over.  No, I don't think he deserved it but I'm not going to feel overly sorry for him either.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.  Don't expect me to feel sorry that he didn't take basic precautions to determine what his investments were.

Of course, I'm horribly superstitious so I now expect to discover that the $14.95 in my bank account was eaten by beavers or some such. 

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