August 27, 2009

Has Jackie Mackey Paisley Passey found a mate?

For a few years there was a blog called "The Irate Savant". It was a masterpiece of satire.
I read it for probably 2 or 3 years without ever knowing if it was satire or serious. If you've A Confederacy of Dunces, think of it as Ignatius Reilly's blog. His commenters got into the act and the blog itself was a hoot.
After a few years, his life kicked in so he admitted it was a joke and went about his life.
So the point, is this guy for real? And if so, can a Arthur Kade/Jackey Mackey Paisley Passey union be far behind?
He's so over the top egotistically sure he's the greatest thing ever, it's funny whether it's real or not.
How funny?
Along the top is a link to The Kade Scale
He's rating women from 1-10. I have no problem with his 10s, but the rest has to be a joke. Doesn't it?
Under "8-A cute girl but not dateworthy" he lists Jennifer Connolly and Jessica Alba.
Under "7-Keep as a friend" he lists Selma Hayek and Jessica Biel.

He doesn't even keep track of 1-6.
The pics along the top are caricatures of a self-absorbed pretty boy and his current post has this
(I have to say that seeing my body on the screen, I look so much better after 1.6 weeks, and my chest was bulging nicely, my abs are showing again, and my shoulders look enormous because my workouts with my trainer have been insane,

He even has a wikipedia page where they're not sure if he's serious or a joking.
I'm not sure which way is funnier, real or satire. Pointing and laughing is good, but good satire is really good too.

His Q&A section makes it look like a joke, people put questions in the comments.
For instance, third question:
"Summer's Eve or Masengill"
Eh, real or satire, it's a funny read.

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