July 19, 2009

Gee, guess who's defending affirmative action?

"Conservative" columnist Kathleen Parker laments that the male GOP members (heh, you'll see why that word is funny in a second) of the Senate Judiciary Committee were too hard (heh, again) on Sonia Sotomayor...

Judicial temperament is a legitimate concern, of course. But watching Sotomayor take questions about her moods from the nearly all-male Senate Judiciary Committee, one couldn't help wondering how those same fellows would hold up under similar scrutiny while a roomful of women took aim at their . . . fortitude.
See what she did there? She made a dick joke! In the Washington Post! HA!

Parker, a sage critic of the human condition the likes of which has not been seen since Mark Twain, goes on to note that everyone actually has prejudices...
Senators also hammered Sotomayor about her ethnic identification and whether she could rule fairly without undue influence from her gender or political preferences. Wait, let me guess, you're white guys! Are we to infer that men of European descent are never unduly influenced by their own ethnicity, gender or political preferences? Can anyone affirm this assertion with a straight face?
Well, Kathleen, most of us don't have to affirm this assertion, seeing as how we don't, you know, go around announcing it in speeches to legal conferences.

But, then again, most of us don't have the finely-tuned "conservative" mind of Ms. Parker...
When your party looks like a Wonder Bread convention during flu season, picking on ethnic identity and sex seems like an un-brilliant way to proceed. Yet, these same gentlemen don't understand how Sotomayor could have expressed the thought that she, as a Latina, might be able to reach a wiser decision than a white man?
Seeing as how I'm just an ignorant white male, I'm not wise enough to tease out how that makes any goddamn sense. Stupid me.

Educate me, Kathleen!!!

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