July 05, 2010

Fuck you reality, I want to get off.

Further hijacking for personal reasons:

The BFF was readmitted to the hospital on Saturday morning with severe anemia.  Severe as in nearly to the point of death.  She was given blood and saline and all that and was improved enough for a liver biopsy and another CT scan yesterday. 

The oncologist came in today.  Cancer of undetermined origin.  He's talking Stage IV.  He's taking palliative care only.  He's talking terminal.  The liver biopsy results aren't in yet and will taken about a week or so but it's the worst possible news.  He said that there are spots on the liver and it's not certain her liver is in any condition for chemotherapy to be effective.  He didn't give a timeline since it's not really sure where the cancer is originating.  They believe it's some kind of cancer that's spreading through the bloodstream (I'm blanking on the term). 

Biopsy results are pending and he's going to be sending everything out for a second opinion but as of right now it's about determining how long before she dies, not if.  And we're taking weeks to months, not years.

She's devastated.  I want to punch God in the face. 

Please pray or send good thoughts or anything it is you do.  To be utterly selfish, I do not know what I will do without her.   I can't even begin to imagine it. 

Fuck cancer.  Fuck it with Dick Cheney's cougar condom'd dick.

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