May 16, 2010

Former Food Network host arrested for murder-for-hire plot

He tried to hire a bunch of hobos to kill a dude, or something, bail is $5 million, so this had to have been pretty serious shit.  Hobos reported him to police and they worked with police to catch the guy.  No, it's not Mario Batali, you can relax, it was some dude who had one of those early morning weekend crap shows no one watched.  Pretty much by early 2009 I'd quit watching TV entirely, but I still recognized the name of the guy's show, and LOLd.  IIRC, the dude was sort of a mincing wuss, probably didn't have it in him to do the deed himself.  Clearly not a follower of the Ace of Spades Lifestyle, as every Moron knows, hobos are to be hunted, not made into the hunter.

I noticed this till I ditched TV (and I don't miss it, seriously, commit to turning it off for three weeks, guarantee there's a 50% shot you end up canceling your cable/sat), but Food Network is the perfect "background noise" channel, except when Rachel Ray or that semi-homemade whatever was on.

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