February 25, 2010

Food is good.

I love it when other people support my long held beliefs. Such as that insane thing women do where they eat nothing on a dinner date to impress the guy is utterly stupid.

I can back this up from both sides of the equation.  I cannot tell you how many guy friends I've gone to dinner with who say something like "oh thank God you actually EAT" when I order a side of cow for dinner.  From the opposite side of it, I've actually told girls on dates that unless they're a vegetarian, ordering only a salad will not impress me. 

The guy in this article is right, do you really want to get involved with anyone who is such an asshole that s/he'll think less of you for eating actual food?  That's a huge warning sign right there. 

Here's the thing, your appetite for food will give me a hint as to your appetite for enjoying other things in life.  Also protip to women:  bones aren't sexy.*  Looking like a woman is.  So eat!  Enjoy!  And make him wonder if you're going to attack him with the same fervor with which you're decimating those ribs.

*I know, I know, I'm a bit of a hypocrite here since my taste in guys is for tall and skinny.  But all the tall and skinny guys I've known need to eat their body weight every day just to stay alive.  Yeah.  I'm not bitter about that.  This is me, sitting here being not bitter. 

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