January 17, 2009

Did you know cynicism and snark are officially passe?

Kathleen "I wouldn't know sincerity if it came up and bit me in the ass" Parker has declared it so.

"With the election of Barack Obama, Cynicism and Snark are officially passe. Translation: Humor and irreverence are out; earnestness and sincerity are in."
Of course, she probably thinks this is snark but she's the one who said this last year:
I love Barack Obama for his style, grace, intellect and his way with words. I want the healing power that an Obama presidency could deliver to this country.
How did we get in this mess? All together now: It's Bush's fault.
Why in the heck does Townhall keep publishing this tool? What a waste of space. Parker may actually now be on the same level as David Shuster with me, and we know how I feel about him.

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