July 23, 2008

Dick Morris proves himself a retard, again.

From the man who brought you the epic battle Condi vs. Hillary comes this astute analysis of John McCain's vice presidential prospects.  After laying out a good case for not putting Mitt Romney on the ticket, he steps in it by naming his four top picks:

With the nation in the grip of a fundamental re-appraisal of its past rule by white men, both Condi Rice and Colin Powell suggest themselves as excellent alternatives.


Or McCain could send a statement to Democrats and independents and become the first candidate since Abraham Lincoln to cross party lines and put a person from the opposite party on his ticket by selecting Joe Lieberman.
This Morris fellow really has his finger on the pulse of the electorate, no?  Well, if those three choices didn't already have you jumping for joy, take a look at his final pick:
If McCain wants a slightly less radical course, he should select Mike Huckabee.

I'm going to use this time to tell a brief Mike Huckabee story.  During the beginning of the primary season, I was interning at Americans for Tax Reform.  One morning the interns and staff came in early to co-host a small press event with the American Spectator, with Mike Huckabee as a guest. 

For the event, we had a sign-in table for the press with a fiscal fact sheet that the Huckabee team had sent out to be distributed to the reporters who were gathered there.  Two of the fifteen or so items on the sheet where touting his tax increases.  Yes.  Mike Huckabee touted tax increases at Americans for Tax Reform. 

Update: In other veepstakes news, Jim Geraghty is saying that a "plugged-in Republican" thinks that former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is probably on the short list.  I, like some of Geraghty's readers, have my doubts.  I think she'd be an great choice if we didn't have a 72-year-old presidential candidate.

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