August 09, 2010

Dear Hollywood

Fuck you for ruining another memory of my childhood and wanting to charge more because this flaming fuckpile of fucking fuckwaste is in three fucking d. Fuck you for taking one of the greatest works of all time and fucking it raw worse than a $.30 crack whore needing to pay back her pimp. Fuck you for having no fucking original ideas, save slapping a sequel together. And fuck you just because you make one of the things I truly enjoy, going to a movie theater and eating that trash bag sized popcorn and soda combo, so unappealing because of the shitfisting you put on the fucking screen.

And don't even fucking think of touching "Where The Sidewalk Ends" or "The Giving Tree". Just sayin'.

So fuck off, Hollywood. Fuck your shitty shitfuckiness with the furious fuckhammer of fuckingly fuckfuddled fury for fucking with my free time options.

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