July 21, 2008

But, I thought there has never been spitting at veterans by anti-war protesters!

When reached for comment, the spokeperson for one of the major anti-war groups stated,

No, no this is not so, we in the anti-war movement operate with the highest ethical standards!

When approached by this video (h/t),

the spokesman noted that he was late for a game of Parcheesi with his homies, and he had to peace out.

Later, when asked about incidents of anti-war protesters by some wingnut at Fox News about the incident, the chair of another anti-war group stated the following before the press,

This is all neocon propaganda, we do not have this spitting on veteran phenomena in the anti-war movement.

before moving on to declaring that he was an Anti-Zionist and that they were "a different thing" in front of the American cameras.  He abruptly ended the press conference to enter a trendy raw organic vegan slow foods restaurant for lunch. 

I dunno either...

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