August 13, 2008

Another liberal Republican for Obama!

First Lincoln Chafee, then Jim Leach, now this:

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, Weekly Standard Publisher Bill Kristol told FOX News exclusively on Thursday.

“He may well give a speech at the Democratic convention explaining his endorsement of Obama,” Kristol said, citing inside sources. “For whatever reason I think he has decided he’s going to endorse Obama. I think [Powell] has a high respect for Senator McCain, they go back a long way.”

Kristol continued, “This is not an absolute done deal, but these people are very confident that Powell will endorse Obama.”

I know I'm shocked.  An African-American man who is liberal on social issues and thinks Iraq is a mess is endorsing Obama?  It must be the end times.  It seems to me that a good way to quell this chatter would be for Powell to either endorse Sen. McCain or publicly deny Obama his endorsement.

(In fairness, his spokeswoman did deny the report.)

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Real Estate FAIL

The real estate market may not be great right now, but selling a property probably isn't made any easier by including something like this:

Yes, that's apparently a bug fogger surrounded by dead insects. Aside from that, it's your dream kitchen!


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August 12, 2008

American Airlines supports the troops by charging them bag fees

Yup. If you are a soldier heading to war via American Airlines, you will get charged for your bags:

American Airlines is charging troops for their extra baggage, a practice that forces soldiers heading for a war zone in Iraq to try to get reimbursement from the military. One of the country's largest veterans groups is asking the aviation industry to drop the practice immediately.

American, which recently charged two soldiers from Texas $100 and $300 for their extra duffel bags, said it gives the military a break on the cost for excess luggage and that the soldiers who incur the fees are reimbursed.

"Because the soldiers don't pay a dime, our waiver of the fees amounts to a discount to the military, not a discount to soldiers," said Tim Wagner, spokesman for American Airlines. "Soldiers should not have to pay a penny of it."

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) spokesman Joseph Davis said service members destined for Iraq should not have to spend the money out of pocket and should not have to worry about filing expense forms in a war zone.

I don't want to hit American Airlines too hard for this as they did at least offer reimbursement. That being said, I wish they'd had the common sense to realize that most soldiers don't have the time to ship back reimbursement forms from the theater.

I'd be interested to hear how often soldiers just decide it isn't worth the bother.

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A question about Russia's war on Georgia...

Wasn't Condoleezza Rice supposed to be an expert on Russia or something?  What the hell?  Did she not see this coming at all, or is she just so incompetent that she didn't feel like doing anything about it? 

Update: Yeah, I fixed the spelling.  Spell check has rotted my brain.

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August 11, 2008

Nice try

Someone needs to tell this guy that pornography is widely available for free on the internet. (Or so I'm told.)

A man claiming to be a police detective tried to get an adult novelty shop to give him free X-rated videos, saying he wanted to make sure the performers weren't underage, authorities said.

He made three tries within nine days last month and was turned down each time. The store manager called police after the third try.

Authorities said Monday that the man showed a badge and left a business card from the Longmont police "age verification unit." Cmdr. Tim Lewis said there is no such unit.

That's an extraordinary amount of effort, even if ultimately unsuccessful, just to try and score some free porn. I mean, he had to acquire a badge, get the cards made, and spend three days trying to convince these clerks that he was a cop. It would be admirable, really, if it wasn't so sleazy and pathetic.

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Further Proof That Our School Systems Need To Be Nuked And Rebuilt.

The sidebar to this story reveals why school boards are a waste of time. These idiots don't even care about the children they claim to represent.

This happened in Nevada. Do you really want morons like this deciding your child's future?

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Why would Big Oil donate to Our Lord and Savior?

Joe has an idea, and if he's correct, it's rather alarming, given how short-sighted it is.

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China goes George Lucas with their Olympic fireworks

Some of the aerial shots shown during the broadcast of Beijing's opening ceremony fireworks were created months in advance using CGI.  The reason?  Smog, of course.  When talking about China, if it isn't the police state, it's the air pollution.  The smog would obscure a live shot and make it blurry.  The images were designed to look like they would on a clear night in Beijing, and took a year to produce.  Bob Costas did announce that these shots were CGI, apparently.

(h/t Alice H)

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Your Laura Ingraham Outrage of the Daytm

The internet is making kids dumb!  They don't even know what a gerund is anymore!

I blame the degradation of the culture!

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August 10, 2008

Just one word for one story about one candidate who got one visitor


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August 09, 2008

General Shermansky's march to the sea?

Apparently Google thinks the Russians have invaded the South...

Well, perhaps they did...

(h/t Alice H)

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August 05, 2008

I ask you, DPUD...

...what the hell is wrong with Pennsylvania?

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Detroil Poll Workers Fail Measuring 101

Having been a polling precinct manager and having been responsible for primary elections in the past, I have seen campaigns try this countless times. I carry a tape measure to the polls and I will tell any one of them to shove back. (I turn into a bad-ass when I work elections. And I won't hesitate to call the law on folks who do not obey me. )

This demonstrates why it is so critical that poll workers understand election laws and are trained properly. What the people in this video failed to understand (besides basic measuring) is that they have been sworn to uphold and enforce those elections laws and they are getting paid to do so.


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August 04, 2008

Ink belongs on paper

People who know me well could tell you I've been dubious for quite some time now about society's acceptance of tattoos. There's a good article in the UK paper the Telegraph about the phenomenon:

Most tattoos are the cheap plumage of the attention-seeker, visual ice breakers for last-chance barflies and aspiring reality TV show contestants. They certainly aren't scary or alternative any more. Now that they have been co-opted by the masses - the squares, the mortgaged, the Volvo drivers, the wusses and the girls - we have come to accept their fairground aesthetic in much the same way we have decided to allow Gordon Ramsay's pointless swearing.

"If a client wanted to give up a City job to become a rock star, I would be supportive of them getting a tattoo," says Lisa Bathurst, an image consultant. "Generally, though, I think a devil's advocate approach might be better and I'd advise someone to think very carefully. A tattoo might look cool and sexy when you are in your twenties and thirties, but there comes a point when things start to fill out and stretch and then it might not look so good.

That's exactly why I've never wanted one. When I was growing up, we lived next door to an elderly man named Ed who got a tattoo of something or other on his forearm during World War II. I say "something or other" because it was a blurry, ugly mess after four decades. I resolved that, were I to live to a ripe old age, I didn't want anything that ugly marring my skin. And I've never looked back.

I like this perspective, too:

Statistically speaking, tattoos are a craze of epidemic proportions - and a ghastly cliché. One in five Brits has one, and one in two Americans. May I quote the much-tattooed Ozzy Osbourne here? "If you want to be f***ing individual," he once said, "don't get a tattoo. Every f***er's got one these days."

So very, very true, Ozzy.  I mean, is there anything less rebellious anymore than some douche with a "tribal" design or a band of barbed wire on his bicep?  Or a chick with an animal on her ankle or, even worse, a "tramp stamp" on the small of her back?

Anyway, read the whole thing, especially for some good celebrity mocking.

Update: Lemur King, who is apparently an Illustrated Man, provides some food for thought in the comments.

I don't mean to imply that I think nobody should get tattoos.  I just think the mainstreaming of tattoos has been a bad thing, probably more so for people like Lemur King, who says he thought long and hard before getting each of his tats—they each mean something to him—than anybody else.  These days, any idiot can go out and get a couple of Chinese characters (which probably translate to "dumb whitey," by the way, in spite of what you've been told they mean) and  think he's some kind of badass.  And don't even get me started on moms with tattoos.  Un.  Effing.  Cool.

Adults are free to do lots of stupid-ass things with their bodies, but I think people should think long and hard about doing something that's more or less permanent (unless you want to spend a lot of money for painful dermatological treatment) just to think of yourself as a rebel when, chances are, half the people you know think of themselves as rebels for the same misguided reason.

And, no, I'll still never get one.  Because it's just not me.

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August 03, 2008

Kathy Hilton responds to McCain

Paris Hilton's mommy has released a statement to the Huffington Post in response to McCain's "Celeb" ad (emphasis mine):

I've been asked again and again for my response to the now infamous McCain celebrity ad. I actually have three responses. It is a complete waste of the money John McCain's contributors have donated to his campaign. It is a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs. And it is a completely frivolous way to choose the next President of the United States.
Exit question: Which is more frivolous: McCain's ad, or choosing a a president based upon how often then words "hope" and "change" are used in their stump speeches?

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August 02, 2008

Guido Beach

Content Warning (and Guido Warning)

From the state that invented douchebaggery, New Jersey, here's a big, stinky pile of FAIL (and Axe body spray):


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August 01, 2008

She really should have seen that coming

Let's look at this mathematically:
Astrology + Breasts - Bra + Blouse - Buttons + Earthquake + Panic =

And who said math can't be fun?


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