May 20, 2008

another police weapons instructor shoots self

Sort of, the officer got damn lucky and just had the round go through his clothes. This time it was in Massachusetts.  I like how the pistol they use in the graphic isn't a Glock...of course its a British paper, so they and their readers probably don't know the difference.

So, what was he doing?  Of course,

Officials say the Glock handgun discharged while Maj. Donald Lamar was demonstrating to Bristol County deputy sheriffs how to safely holster the weapon.

B-b-b-but, the Brady Campaign says only police officers and government agents are smart enough to use firearms responsibly!  Anyway, he's been reassigned and his weapon taken until the Department reviews the situation.

Is it just me, or do a lot of these events seem to come from Glocks?  Yeah, I know a bajillion people have and handle them without incident every day, but every time we see a story of a cop shooting himself with his sidearm, it always seems to be with a Glock.  Maybe some of these police departments ought to look issue sidearms with an actual safety, because some of them seem to not be able to handle their Glocks safely.


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