December 29, 2008

And your point is?

I have no idea how to begin describing the idiocy on display in this column from some Missouri newspaper, in which the writer is apparently trying to make some connection between increased gun sales since Obama's election triumph and the need for more Federal funding for education...

The thing I am hopeful about is that education will take front and center in the new administration because it is frightening when you pair the rising gun sales with the downward trend of the literacy rate. Just the idea that so many individuals are prepared to act on unsubstantiated rumors is disturbing.

And I think it is important for people to realize that according to the economists, the hard times are going to be around for several years, and as people become more challenged in their efforts to make a living, access to more guns is not something that I think will help people out. After all, everyone is an innocent gun owner until he or she commits the first crime.

Riiiiiiiight. Because we all know that when the economy sours, law-abiding (but possibly—nay, probably—illiterate) gun owners are likely to take to the streets in droves to rob and murder people. I'm pretty sure that's how Bonnie and Clyde got started.

It seems to me that the only crime on display here is that someone actually may have been paid to write this crap. I'd tell you to read the whole thing, but I wouldn't want you to lose a few IQ points. I mean, it also includes the following paragraph:
I have no problem with people bearing arms. It does annoy me when I hear people saying that they carry arms to protect themselves. I always wonder if they really know the difference between what can legally be determined self-defense and what is homicide. They seem to feel that it will somehow be left to them to make that call rather than law enforcement.
Yeah. When someone is breaking into your home or threatens to knife you on the street at night, perhaps you can stall them by having a debate about the difference between homicide and self-defense until the authorities arrive on the scene.  Good luck with that.

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