February 24, 2010

Uncle Tom, get back on the plantation!

I saw this at Althouse's and was going to ignore it.
It's about "black folks we'd like to remove from Black History".
Including such luminaries as Idi Amin, Mugabe, Flava Flav, Michael Steele and Clarence Thomas.

Yawn, "authentic" black folk hate Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele, film at.... ohhh.. all the time.
But then I decided to check the comments to see the hilarity.
So one commenter said this
This all comes down to affirmative action. Clarence Thomas is a brilliant man who grew up poor but managed to gratuate near the top of his class at Yale law completely on his own merits, hard work and intellect. Then imagine the reality faced when faced with the fact that everyone sees your degree as only a product of a goverment program to benefit a minority person who is incabable of achieving that on their own

I agreed, but then I'm not black..
The rebuttal? The reason why he was included?
It's not his conservative views that earned him a place on this list. It is his self-hatred, his vehement support to end policies that helped him get to where he is today, that earned him a place.

AA in other words. Proving the previous commenters assertion.
Yep, his politics make him a bad role model for blacks.
I'm surprised Condi Rice wasn't included. After all, she helped that arch-racist Bush lie his way into a war.
Doesn't that count for anything?

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