August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, John Lee Hooker!

The Pure WIN that is encased in these videos needs no further explanation.

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August 22, 2008

Pistol Packin' Grannies FTW!

What does an 85 year old woman do when her neighborhood has seen a string of burglaries? She packs heat.

What does an 85 year old woman do when she catches a burglar attempting to rob her home? She gets her gun, confronts the thug and then makes him call 911 to report himself.

What does an 85 year old woman say after it's all over?

“It was exciting,” [Leda] Smith said. “I just hope I broke up the (burglary) ring because they have been hitting a lot of places around here.”
Exciting, indeed. That made my day.

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August 21, 2008

Peter Wehner hits the nail on the head

He writes on The Corner about how effective John McCain's ads using the Barask-as-celebrity meme have been (emphasis mine):

It has done what is extremely difficult in politics: taking an opponent’s strength – in this case, the excitement and energy Obama created – and turned it into a liability. Obama is seen as hip and cool, but he is also increasingly viewed as strikingly self-centered, presumptuous, and a bit prickly. On a deeper level, and for a combination of reasons, he’s beginning to look somewhat shallow, untested and unready for the presidency, and, on several key issues, quite radical (his unwillingness to support a bill against infanticide being just the most recent example).


The problem for Obama now is that, in “fighting back,” in promising not to be “swift-boated” and in his determination to prove he really, truly is a Tough Guy, Obama is eviscerating whatever was left of the New Politics he once stood for.


The Obama campaign, having seen their lead collapse when everything should have been working in its favor, must now harbor serious concerns about their candidate and his appeal. And often when deep doubts emerge, campaigns and candidates begin to do foolish things. It’s worth recalling that Obama has never faced a serious Republican before. He is now.

This is what I've thought since Obama began to make strides against Hillary Clinton at the end of December 2007.  He knows how to fight against Democrats, who will largely keep their gloves on for the sake of party unity.  This is a man who represented a deep, deep blue state senate seat on the South Side of Chicago.  When running for his U.S. Senate seat in 2004, he just had to knock off incompetent carpetbagger Alan Keyes.

Now he has to fight, and it's not going as he'd hoped it would. 

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Baldilocks interviewed by LA Weekly

Hopefully this gives the cause some publicity.  Juliette is truly doing a great thing, and I hope that all my readers try and support her efforts to aid the Senator Obama School, whether you do a post about it here or there, make note of it in comments or even donate.  The goal now is to raise $10,000 by the end of September.  That shouldn't be too difficult, but she'll need help.


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August 20, 2008

Ninjas+Rollerskates=Epic Win!

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August 18, 2008

Saving Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School

Been a while since we've had an update, so a refresher, you may remember the article in which it was uncovered that Obama had promised a school in Kenya that he has close tribal connections to that he'd make sure they got financial aid, and never followed through, the school never saw a dime from him. Juliette Ochieng, better known around here as Baldilocks, started a non-profit to meet the needs of the school.  Juliette, you may remember, is from the same tribal background as Obama, the Kenyan Luo tribe. 

Well, we have some updates today, first, Juliette has the site for the non-profit up and running, I intend to promote this cause as best as I can.  The school is in poor shape, with no running water and poor electricity, they want to put in a basic science lab, a well, latrines, a lunch room, fencing for security, and additional classrooms.  We can help them out, Obama might not keep his promise, but we should try and help them where he failed to.

You can go to the site to learn more about Kenya, the Luo tribe, the Save Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School fund and maybe a bit about Juliette herself. 

Also, I think this is going to help the effort immensely, she'll be doing an interview with LA Weekly, so that'll be good for PR.  Also interesting(scroll down at that same link), Juliette was referenced in crackpot Corsi's book, and he of course gets things screwed up and facts wrong.

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Guess who's back?

A legend returns...

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About damn time

Heller finally gets his gun permit.  One good step in the right direction.

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August 16, 2008

Screw Michael Phelps! I Found A True Athlete To Admire!

Joey Chestnut is the king of competitive eating, having just defended his 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest.

But, he met his match taking on Dewey Hammond of Yardbarker, one of the top sports blogs out there, when it came to who could chug a pitcher of warm piss beer faster.

I bow before my betters.

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He did it! Michael Phelps takes his eighth gold medal


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The Popehand is way strong

If Pope Benedict was like this all the time, he'd be the Best. Pope. Evah. Alas, he isn't, but he's pretty good, and here's one of his better moments.  A bunch of animal rights wackos are bitching about the Pope's frequent wearing of ermine (sorry Stoaty!) fur-lined clothing.  Reaction? Heh,

Benedict's use of fur was defended yesterday by Cardinal Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo. "Aren't there more important battles to wage?" he asked. "There are human beings who merit more urgent assistance that no one is taking care of. And if we eat animals, we can wear them."

Benedict doesn't even dismiss the fools himself, he sends someone to do it for him.  Pure, unfiltered awesomeness.  The only way the Benedict could respond better would be to go on a pigeon hunt in St. Peter's Square.


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August 13, 2008

Office Space, Army Style

Win category for our armed forces, not for HP, who gets a big FAIL for refusing to give a guy serving overseas free tech support for their busted printer.  No matter, they found a creative way to dispose of it,


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August 10, 2008

Coast Guard servicemen permitted to try out to join Navy SEALs for the first time

Two enlisted, two officers, they'd still be Coast Guard, but would serve with the SEALs for a five to seven year stint.  Well, whoever they pick to go, good luck, the SEAL program is pretty grueling stuff.

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August 08, 2008

Cool facts thread!

It isn't often that Ace rolls out a Cool Facts thread, but there's usually some classic stuff to be found.

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The only thing that makes me want to move to Canada

The Westboro Baptist Cult (or, the "whitey" version of Trinity United Church of Christ) was hoping to take a pleasant, peaceful trip up north to pay their respects to the Canadian man who was murdered, decapitated, and partially eaten on a Greyhound bus. Those free speech-stifling fascist Canucks had other ideas:

Canadian border guards are under orders to prevent members of a fundamentalist American church from crossing into Canada to protest at the Saturday funeral for a Winnipeg man brutally killed on a Greyhound bus last week.

Westboro Baptist Church, a controversial Kansas-based sect, intends to picket the funeral of 22-year-old Tim McLean to tell Canadians his slaying on July 30 was God's response to Canadian policies enabling abortion, homosexuality and adultery.

"God is punishing Canada for passing laws against WBC — by exposing Canadians as cannibals and highway decapitaters," the church says in a news release on its website, which refers to McLean as "The Headless Canadian."

I usually encourage hatred of Canada, but not if it comes form these sick people.

This does give me an excuse to post the MST3K "Ode to Canada," though.

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August 07, 2008

Any Interview With Mr. T Is Still A Tall Cold Glass of WIN!

I know Sean recently mentioned the stupidity surrounding the Mr. T Snickers Commercial.

Well, Mr. T appeared on The O'Reilly Factor recently to discuss the fracas. Personally, I find Bill to be a fool and a blowhard, and I think the controversy is silly, but Mr. T once again proves why he is one of the five most awesome people on the planet.

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Best Obama Facts

This is great, and I haven't gone through all of it yet.  Mwahahahahaaa. (h/t

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How about a little ego boost today?

Our crappy little blog made #18 on Conservatism Today's top 25 list for conservative sites.  Not bad, and thanks to Scott and all of our readers for dropping by.

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Karl Rove's Advice for McCain: You've got the issue, now get the messaging!

Karl Rove hands out some advice to Sen. McCain in his column today.  It's all worth a read, of course, but I liked this:

In the coming weeks, he needs to lay out a bold domestic reform program. He gave a taste on energy, but with a few missteps. He should appear in front of manufacturing plants where jobs depend on affordable energy, small businesses affected by fuel prices, and farms hurt by skyrocketing fertilizer costs -- and not in front of oil rigs. He needs to describe the consequences of specific domestic policy decisions. He must explain how his proposals on energy, health care, jobs and education will make a difference for ordinary families.

While at CPAC in 2007, I attended one of the seminars on grassroots messaging and communications.  I was interning in the press shop of Americans for Tax Reform at the time, and had never studied anything related to that task, so it was probably a good move on the Communications Director's part.

The host said that one of the areas where Democrats consistently outperform the GOP (and conservatives) with regards to messaging is the ability to make issues personal to voters.  I think that the energy debate has lit a fire under the GOP in this area, but Rove's advice here is still legit.  To the general public, an oil rig says "He's doing this to help the oil companies."  Appearing in front of a small trucking company that's been forced out of business do to the high fuel prices sends a much more effective message to voters, especially those who may still be on the fence.

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August 05, 2008

I Just Found A Reason To Watch Synchronized Swimming!

Namely, Brazilian twin sisters Bia and Brana Feres.

And here is a video I found of the sisters:

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