October 30, 2008

Was DPUD Celebrating Last Night?

This might explain the direction of the site today.

And Philly fans (rioters) let him have it … with a bottle … to the head.
Fall down, go Boom.

The loud *CLINK* you hear is not edited.

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Moron contest!

I hereby propose the following contest - guess which network will call the election for Obama first.  Note that this is on the 4th not, you know, now, in which case it would be MSNBC 2 years ago.  Format is network name, then time called.

I hereby choose MSNBC, the very second the first poll in the country closes.  Leave your guesses in the comments.

Winner receives the warm and fuzzy knowledge that while we're all fucked, at least s/he has something to lord over the rest of the Morons.

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I Want To Party With This Guy!

The only thing missing was illegal fireworks.

Marshall Cartwright, 33, was sitting on the ground drinking from the partially full keg when officers went to the Bethany Greenbelt Park, near Delaware Avenue and Bethany Curve, around 11:45 a.m. Monday, police said.

Someone had called 911 after reportedly seeing Cartwright drinking beer from a Mason jar and urinating in the bushes, according to police Capt. Steve Clark. He had a second Mason jar he used to sell the beer, which he had purchased along with a tap at a Pacific Avenue liquor store.

Cartwright got hostile when officers tried to interview him and told them he was a military operative, police said. He was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in public.

Police said they searched his belongings and found about 20 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and a Camelbak bladder with more beer in it. He also had a harmonica and a wetsuit with him, both of which police suspect were stolen.


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October 29, 2008

Mexicans Once Again Doing The Work Americans Won't Do

In this case, that would be treating oil production with respect and trying to lessen government idiocy in the running of the business. As a result, PEMEX, the state run oil monopoly, is now open for outside investment.

The opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) rejected those arguments. It predicted the initiative would make Pemex more efficient, cause more refineries to be built inside Mexico and, as a result, require less gasoline to be imported.

"Pemex needs to modernize itself, and that is what we're going to do," said Rep. Emilio Gamboa of the PRI.

And you know it has to be a good thing if the usual fools are opposed to it.
But some FAP [ed note-these are some of the leftards in Mexico] members said they opposed the bill because it opens the door to privatization of Pemex and, with it, exploitation of Mexico's natural resources by international companies.

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October 28, 2008

One Republican Knows How To Handle The Media!

Frank Wolf tells fucktwits to get off his lawn!

Hell, if Obama people are attacking Republican staffers, why not return the favor?

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Abuse of posting privilege to commence in five . . . four . . . three . . .

I am in a bit of a funk due to familial medical issues, waking up to 7 inches of snow with more on the way (THIS IS YOUR FAULT GORE I KNOW IT IS), waking up an hour late due to the power going off due to aforesaid snow and work shenanigans. 

Add in the fact that the video of the "art" installation of the lynching of Sarah Palin disturbs me profoundly and that I cannot bear much more of politics as bloodsport and Alex is Not A Happy Camper.

Thus, in an attempt to cheer up both myself and y'all, I shall post Things What Make Me Happy, namely IDF babes, manatees and a random music video. 

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Electric Stimulus!

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October 27, 2008

We Need More Lingerie Football News!

And I, your humble servant, am up to the challenge.


Courtesy: Jennifer Au/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Greatest. Caption. Evah!

Mist player Chelsie Jorgenson rubs cooking oil on teammate Natalya Snetkova before her photoshoot.

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We may be getting Tom Delay's seat back!

There was a lot happening in Texas' 22nd District this weekend, starting with this press release from the Pete Olson campaign.  It seems that the Houston-area CBS affiliate KHOU has rejected an add from the DCCC promoting Rep. Nick Lampson:

[Friday] KHOU Channel 11 pulled a misleading television ad by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that falsely smeared Republican Congressional Candidate in Texas' 22nd congressional district, Pete Olson. KHOU decided to pull the ad after it was presented with a letter, affidavit by Pete Olson and evidence proving that the DCCC knowingly ignored evidence disproving the false claims.


"Voters are tired of these tactics by long-time politicians and their operatives," Olson said. "It's time for a change in Washington – the kind that will bring character, leadership and Conservative values back to our Capitol, and return government to the side of the people instead of the side of the party. The voters of the 22nd district deserve better than this."

Yes, they do.  And speaking of ads, the NRCC has released a new one highlighting Rep. Lampson's misplaced priorities.

Something tells me that TV stations won't be forced to pull that ad.   But, if polls are correct, the people of Texas' 22nd District wont have to worry about Nick's tricks for much longer.  From the Houston Chronicle:

U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Stafford, trailed Republican challenger Pete Olson by 17 percentage points early last week, according to the survey by Zogby International. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

Things are looking up!  Perhaps voters are starting to realize that Blue Dog Democrats talk centrist, but don't act it.

You can donate to Pete Olson's campaign here.

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October 26, 2008

Slam of the Day

It comes from Fred Barnes, whose article this week on Sarah Palin is a must read:

My advice is ignore the critics who know far less about Palin than she does about foreign policy. A good example is Ken Adelman, who headed the arms control agency in the Reagan administration. Adelman recently endorsed Obama and said he "would not have hired [Palin] for even a mid-level post in the arms control agency." Well, I know both Palin and Adelman. And Ken, I'm sorry to tell you, but I think there are an awful lot of jobs in Washington that Palin would get before you.
Somewhat related in it's awesome awesomeness: Mark Levin on The Obama Temptation

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October 25, 2008

of cabbages and kings

The last few days have been very wearying, both on the political front and the personal front. But this, this is made of pure, unadulterated win. 

It doesn't hurt that I think Jensen Ackles is stupid pretty.

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Dogs Living The Moron Lifestyle?

It's more likely than you would think, especially with this pooch.


The two-year-old labrador was left with a monster of a hangover last week after it drunk its way through four litres of cask wine.

Roxy's owner Anne went out to the garage last Wednesday night to discover two empty casks and Roxy snoring in the corner. Anne is a sales merchandiser for Independent Liquor and the casks were for a customer.

Roxy being a labrador and thinking there was a possibility of food had torn open the casks and proceeded to drink the wine up. It seems Mystic Ridge medium white wine really agreed with her palate....initially.

"She was fast asleep and snoring. When I realised what she had done I rang the vet who said to try and wake her and walk it off.

"She could not walk, her eyes were open but she could not move, so he told us to bring her in."

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October 24, 2008

I Usually Do Not Attend Hockey Games, But This Was A Special Night

One of my friends was in town, and he had an extra ticket to the St. Louis Blues Hockey Game tonight. Normally, I do not go to hockey, but I did receive a suggestion that this night would be a good one. And not just because the fights are sponsored by beer companies.

No, this night was special because of who was in attendance:


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Bacon gumballs!

Bacon gumballs!  Maybe everything doesn't suck after all. 

Well, everything probably does suck and we're all going to die destitute in the gutter (well, the lucky ones, anyway) if Captain Bullshit manages to win steal the election, but someone out there is apparently looking out for us.


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October 22, 2008

Naked Female Athletes Toting Guns?

You bet. Sadly, it's artistic and to promote something or other, but who cares?

It's NAKED CHICKS WITH GUNS!!!!11!!!!!eleventy!


Red Deer's Zina Kocher, who captured Canada's first world cup biathalon medal in a decade at the 2006 World Cup, said the sport is still overlooked compared to Europe, so disrobing to drum up awareness and funds wasn't a hard sell.

"Our sport remains significantly under-funded compared to our competitors and is one of the few winter sports in this country without a title sponsor or personal sponsors," she said.

The team is hoping to sell enough of the $25 calendars, which feature two artistic black and white photos of each of the athletes as well as two group shots, to raise $80,000, enough to train for the 2010 games.

And here is the calendar.

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October 21, 2008

Man, I Just Found A Reason To Get Back Into Tennis!

The just-completed Madrid Open is famous for having runway models dress in alluring attire and have them serve as ballgirls for the matches. Here is a pointless story made better by the following picture:

And there is more after the break. Trust me, you'll thank me later.


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Bacon Is Trendy And Sexy!

Just check out the cover of Sauce Magazine, which is a monthly magazine about the culinary side of St. Louis.

And here is a link to the cover story, with the money quote near the bottom.

Everything tastes better with bacon
Bacon fans, ready your taste buds. Joshua Roland of downtown’s Fifteen is putting a new spin on the crispy pork strips you crave – make that several new spins. This fall, apple, pancake-black pepper and mustard-thyme bacon (pictured) will be on offer, along with whatever other infusions Roland has up his sleeve. (The chef has also dabbled in watermelon, jalapeño and garlic-rosemary bacon.) Aiming to please with “delicious, sexy, fun food,” Roland lets diners combine the bacon of their choice with BLTs, burgers and chicken sandwiches; bacon tastings are on the way. Sizzle-sizzle.

To answer your question: Yes, Roland likes bacon as much as you do. “I eat about 2 pounds of it a day,” he said.

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October 20, 2008

This is the ad the McCain campaign should run

Brilliant joint piece done by Five Feet of Fury and our friends at TNOYF,

Thanks to the Moron-in-Chief.

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October 18, 2008

Somebody Else In Philly Loves Getting Hammered In The Ass

Namely, Matt Stairs of the Phillies.

What, you thought I meant somebody else?

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October 16, 2008

Some dude ate the Denny's Pub 15 pound burger

Denny's Pub is a restaurant in Clearfield, in Central PA.  Denny's serves gigantic burgers, that's their gimmick, and they've become famous for it.  They have a 15 pound burger called the Beer Barrel Belly Buster, which is meant to be a two person challenge.  Yeah, some guy ate the entire thing by himself.  Note also that the burger weighs 15 pounds, that's not taking the bun and condiments into account, which puts the thing at about 20 pounds.

If you scroll down the first link, they've got pics with the guy who ate this thing posing with his empty...platter?  Can't really call it a plate.  Good lord.  For his effort, he won himself $400, three t-shirts and a certificate.  One of the Denny's cooks kept an eye on him for the entire duration to make sure he was playing fair.

I could see myself maybe eating one of their two pound burgers (as long as they omitted onions, which are the work of Satan, and I'd still be miserable), but fifteen is just insane.

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