May 29, 2009


Okay, which one of you was it?

Man uses live swan to beat up victim.  Shockingly, alcohol was involved.

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May 27, 2009

Yay! 11% Agree With Me!

Good to fucking know that my fucking gutter dialect and fucking distaste for common fucking decency may have at least 11% support.

Except For these fucking cockholsters.

Though 40 percent of business owners in a survey admitted swearing on the job, 80 percent said it is out of place at work and gives the wrong impression. Only 11 percent saw it as a justified pressure valve or morale booster.

Fuck you, you fucking jagoff. I'll stick with the people who agree with me, fuck you very much.

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Get Rich Cheating!

I know the website where this video originated is fairly liberal, but it still is funny.

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May 26, 2009

Mr. T+Anything=Win!!

Finally, the Cubs did something right.

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Miracles can happen!

David Brooks is actually being a sarcastic bitch about Pres. Obama.

No wonder it's so cold here today, what with Hell freezing over and all.

Really, go, read, enjoy in the .0234329 seconds before Brooks goes back to bashing Ye Olde Bitter Clingers.

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May 23, 2009

I'll Be In My Bunk

My new dream is to see 500 of these things storming an enemy position.  Bonus points if we get zoomed in footage of the enemy soldiers crying.

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Saturday morning hotassery

Yes, it's early.  No, I'm not just going to bed, I woke up because my brain hates me and I had a very disturbing nightmare.  To soothe my troubled breast, I bring you Terminator:  Salvation hotassery.

Cut for the largeness.   Yes, it is bipartisan. 

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Wanna see some stupid hippies lose their shit?

If you answered "yes" to that question (and I know you did), click here.

 Make sure to read through the comments.

(Via serr8d in the comments here.)

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May 22, 2009

More proof God loves me and wants me to be happy

How so elegant, Dita?  How so elegant?

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May 18, 2009

Not fail, WIN!

If anyone can find this, I am willing to pay for it. And I will give it to my three year old daughter.

fail owned pwned pictures

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Yet another reason I should be RNC chair

1:1 chance I would wear this t-shirt on This Week:

From Threadless natch

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One School Teacher Fights Graffiti, Pedantic Style

I applaud this teacher for her efforts to fight graffiti, especially in the mockery department.

A Milwaukee English teacher is fighting graffiti with a grammar lesson.

After someone spray painted a police call box in her neighborhood, Beth Biskobing posted fliers correcting the vandal's grammar.

The tagger had painted, "Where da bitches at?"

Biskobing's flier responds: "Hey, Tagger! We'd like you to work on your grammar, please! Your tag SHOULD read as follows: Where are the female dogs?"


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May 17, 2009

It's so nice of them to make a movie just for me

Finally! A movie even more awesome than Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. And I bet you thought that wasn't possible.

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

So getting this.

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May 16, 2009

We're no strangers to robo-calls...

Heh. This is pretty awesome:

"I thought, if you get a bunch of people together, you could blow up their voice-mail boxes," says Mr. Silveira.
I wish you the best of luck, man. Seriously, how awesome would it be if you could press 2 to send these assholes straight to the everlasting torment of demons and hellfire?

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May 15, 2009

Jon Stewart May Have Another CNBCer In His Crosshairs Soon

I mean, how can Maria Bartiromo be allowed to get away with this?


BARTIROMO: Well, workers are being affected, however, I'm trying to get at the point of why we have these troubled...

TASINI: We have the biggest gap between rich and poor that we've ever had in probably a hundred years. Productivity in the last 30 years has skyrocketed, and workers have gotten not benefited, that is the definition of class warfare.

BARTIROMO: Steve, what do you say to that?

MALANGA: Well, the first thing I say to that is all you have to do is look around us. We live in a country now where the average number of families has two cars, three televisions, air conditioning is standard in most houses. The idea that you just look at income and say, "Oh my God, income hasn't increased, therefore people are falling behind," the standard of living of the average American today is far, far ahead of the standard of living of the average American living in the 1960s, and the 1930s.

BARTIROMO: Meanwhile, the unions have their benefits. That's the point that I just made about people, you know, we're paying for benefits, we're paying salaries for people who are no longer on the assembly line. I mean, look, it's just not, you know, having a job for life is not a concept that I understand, because, you know, at some point, you're not getting paid for life. It's just, maybe you do in Europe, that's a socialist concept.

TASINI: Well, you just, I mean you're just throwing around the word socialist concept, I mean Europe bashing...

BARTIROMO: Who's throwing it around?

TASINI: Well, I actually think we could learn a lot from the way Europe treats its...

BARTIROMO: So, you want us to go the European way?

TASINI: For example, there was just a great piece in the New York Times about Norway, and explaining how it has actually expanded its coverage and protection of people. I would argue that people in Norway probably live a better standard of living than most people in this, than many people in this country.

BARTIROMO: Well, the economies of Europe have been in the dumps for, for years, even before this economic slowdown even started. You think that, you think the socialist measures have anything to do with that?

TASINI: Well, what I found interesting is both Steven and both you have ignored the two points that I've made which is that we have the greatest inequality that we've had in the last hundred years, and the most important point I tried to make was productivity. Productivity in the last 30 year is soaring. That means...

BARTIROMO: But what is redistribution of wealth going to do for productivity? What is, what is the idea of the American dream, of working hard and achieving something, and knowing that all, you know, half your wealth is going to someone who didn't do that? What is that going to do to productivity is my question.


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Alex, You Owe Me Big Time For This One

You're welcome.


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The perfect shirt...

...for your next stupid redneck "teabagging" protest:

Unfortunately, yeah, it's racist.  One way or another. Don't bother to ask why.

In fact, go ahead and ask.  The fact that you don't know...well, perhaps I've said too much.  You nation of cowards.

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May 14, 2009

McCain's Daughter Gets One Right

Wow. I am shocked.

Putting it bluntly, we’ve done a disservice to our violence problems by making the political argument about guns instead of whatever causes people to be violent in the first place. Anger, alcohol, drugs, economic hopelessness, reckless driving—they can all precipitate tragedy. Simply removing guns from the equation does not solve the larger problem. Worse, it gives the wrong impression about what can and should be done to help those who are troubled. The real solution to preventing gun violence is not taking away the tools, but tackling its causes: poverty, inadequate health care, mental illness, joblessness, inadequate housing, and poor education. Desperate people will make anything a weapon. We need to eliminate desperation, not guns.

So, yes, the girl who wants to legalize gay marriage and thinks the GOP is out of touch with progressive-minded Republicans is fiercely protective of her Second Amendment rights and finds it empowering, especially as a woman, to fire off a few rounds and get closer and closer to the desired target. This is one issue where I’m red through-and-through. Last year, I heard Marcus Luttrell, author of Lone Survivor, speak at the NRA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. His story—Luttrell was awarded the Navy Cross for his courage during a devastating firefight in 2005 that left him the only survivor of his SEAL team in eastern Afghanistan—was moving and inspiring beyond words. Besides, you can’t miss the NRA billboards as you drive around Phoenix these days. How could I not be pumped?

I find myself trying to explain to my Democrat friends—and a few Republican ones—why I remain a Republican and what I love about this party. I also feel like I am always trying to bridge the divide between red and blue, conservative and liberal, Democrat and Republican. This seems as good as any other place to begin. Gun control has become one of those "Republican issues" that the left has demonized as much as the right has demonized gay marriage. In fact, the Democratic Party is guilty of politicizing the issue to where it’s almost unrecognizable in public discourse. It's no longer about a fundamental American right of responsible, trained, and law-abiding citizens. It's about Us vs. Them. Blood-thirsty, violence-loving hicks vs. straight-laced, normal, thinking urban white-collar workers. That's wrong. The NRA is about upholding Second Amendment rights and teaching people to be responsible with those freedoms. I’m a proud supporter.

The sooner we concentrate on the real problems that lead to gun violence and not the guns, we'll get closer to saving lives and keeping our nation safer. Do I own a gun? No. I don't feel I'm skilled enough yet to keep one safely in my possession. But that doesn't mean someday I won't own one. Or several.

I wonder how many Cocktail Parties will cross her off the A-List now.

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May 13, 2009

Yes, I'm being ADD girl tonight

Add to that the utter depressingness of the world right now and that means all y'all are getting subjected to random posts of pr0n.

Next up:

I would look great riding bitch on that that.  Just sayin'. 

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I am in love

Seriously.  Majorly in love. 

This is pure art.  Below the cut for moderately NSFWness.


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