May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

Ordinarily, we don't post a lot of somber posts here, but today is different.

Today is different because we want to thank all the men and women who serve in our armed forces for the job they do to protect and preserve our nation and others in the world who desire freedom from tyranny, oppression and genocide.

Today is different because we want to honor those who have been wounded in the service of our country.

Today is different because we want to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in the greatest sacrifice for our nation.

Today is different because we want to show our gratitude to the family members of our fallen military. We can never show how much we respect you for all you have given too.

And today is different because we have a new CIC who appears to neglect all of the above.

So to remind you of better days, I give you these reminders of a CIC who demonstrated his love for our troops and the fallen in a respectable way.


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May 29, 2010

Sunday funnies a day early

I saw a link to this claiming it wasn't Nick Nolte's twitter page.
I don't know, it looks pretty real to me.
Tryin' to piece together the evening. On my left wrist I got stamps from about 10 different bars. On my right, a handcuff.
Typical Wednesday night: promise yourself just one or two ecstasy pills, yadda yadda yadda you wake up in a petting zoo.

And news you can use.

I find that little overhead A/C on planes is great for dryin off sweaty balls.

Don't drink anything when you click, they're all hysterical, Nolte's living la vida moron.

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May 28, 2010

I'm calling on the PA legislature to pass an Arizona-style immigration enforcement bill right now!

Let's see, the AZ immigration pisses off illegals, leftists and corrupt businesses, and it also apparently keeps Rage Against the Machine and their shitty fucking music out of your state.  I see no downside to this.

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How to fail at robbing a bank

Even a Moron couldn't be this stupid ... could they?

Would-be robbers in Germany had to flee empty handed after blowing up everything in a bank except for where the money was, police said on Wednesday.

Photos in German media showed a scene of devastation in the northeastern village of Malliss, with the bank reduced to a pile of rubble and its roof completely obliterated. Amid the wreckage, only the cash machine could be seen intact.

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May 27, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal passes the House

It's about damn time.  I'm sure that plenty will be said about this tomorrow, but for now I would like to thank the 5 GOP Members who voted for repeal:

Rep. Judy Biggert of Illinois.

Rep. Joseph Cao of Louisiana.

Rep. Charles Djou of Hawaii.

(Sigh) Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.


Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida. 

I thank you, and thousands of service members thank you as well. 

Also, media whore Lt. Dan Choi will now be available to chain himself to shit at your wedding, bar mitzvah, or other special occasion. 

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May 20, 2010

Australian ninjas save the day

There is so much win here that I don't know if the universe can handle it.  First off - bad guys are foiled, which is always a win.  Secondly, bad guys are foiled by actual ninjas, which is beyond win. 

Three muggers in Australia got the fright of their lives when their attack was interrupted by five black-clad ninja warriors.


"These guys have turned around and seen five ninjas in black ninja uniforms running towards them. They just bolted."

The victim suffered minor injuries, and the men stole his mobile phone and iPod, according to police.

Mr Soto said the man could have escaped the assault with some training in ninjitsu - a Japanese martial art. As for the attackers, "They just picked the wrong spot," he added.

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May 13, 2010

Kittehs. They will eat your soul.

We have kittehs, autotune and a gun. Good times, good times.

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May 12, 2010


You know what's not offshore?
ANWR, that's what.

Just sayin'.

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May 11, 2010

*taps chin* what could have happened *taps chin*

It appears that some Somali pirates just poof disappeared after the Russians let them go.

Gee. What could possibly have happened? It's a mystery, really.

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May 10, 2010

Manhattan judge rules that he doesn't care if you were tortured

U.S. District Judge Lewis A Kaplan has just made himself my hero.

A Guantanamo Bay detainee brought to the United States for trial on charges he helped the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa while he was an aide to Osama bin Laden cannot use allegations of torture by the CIA to dismiss the indictment, a judge said Monday.

 U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan made the ruling in Manhattan after months of consideration of documents, much of their contents redacted, that were submitted by attorneys for Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani and the government.

 Kaplan said that Ghailani might be able to sue the government for civil damages or seek criminal prosecution of those who abused him if he can prove his rights were violated by torture, but that he cannot eliminate an indictment charging him in the August 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies.

The ruling by Kaplan could set a precedent if other Guantanamo detainees are brought to the United States for trials in the civilian court system. Some of them also allege they were tortured. The judge said there were precedents set by other court cases for his findings.

He goes on to say that some terrorist fuckhead may be able to use the they-tortured-me-so-you-can't-convict-me-of-stuff excuse if (and only if) the only information that we have that could result in a conviction was gotten by such terribly inhumane "torture" as waterboarding.  But, if we "tortured" you to corroborate evidence, or to get more information, then too-damn-bad.

So much win.

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May 09, 2010

Restore Joss Whedon


(Warning: Some Serenity spoilers for those like myself who haven't seen it yet.)

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May 07, 2010

It's Rex Manning Day!

Or, you know, Iron Man 2 is coming out today. 

You know, if you'd told me ten years ago that one of the biggest actions stars in the world would be Robert Downey, Jr., I would have laughed in your face.  Not because of his physique.  Not because he is a Serious Actor.  It's because I would have assumed he'd be dead.  Honestly, I think everyone, including him, is shocked that he made it through and is still alive.  I've never been so happy to take someone off my Death List.

So, in celebration of Rex Manning Day, have some RDJ.  Yes, there's bonus bipartisanship as well.

More below.

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May 06, 2010

Domino's sees big boost with new recipe

They took a gamble admitting their old recipe was crap as openly as they did, and doing a big revamp of their pizza, and it appears to have paid off, obviously they're hurting a bit in the down economy, and the spike they saw from people trying their new pizza will plateau down a bit, but it sounds like they've made steps in the right direction and are seeing gains from it.  Now, like a lot of people in the northeast, I've got a lot of local independent pizzerias that make kickass pizza at a competitive to choose from, even sometimes a better price than the big chain pizza joints, but for places with limited access to good independent pizza shops, Domino's improvements make them a viable alternative to places like Pizza Hut and Papa John's.  So good for Domino's.

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Anyone here play BattleTech?

Get ready for the real thing.

Scientists have created an artificial material that mimics the tough, stretchy properties of muscle.


Scientists cross-linked the polymers to form a solid, rubber-like material.

The authors suggest that the properties of this material could even be fine-tuned to resemble specific types of muscle by adjusting the compositions of the proteins.


I want me a Rifleman

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May 03, 2010

om nom nom

Behold! The Grolar Bear!

I think this is God's little reminder that mankind's place on the food chain (absent sufficient fire power) is not the top.

Also the hell is up with SciFi that I don't have a Grolar Bear movie.  It's a *grolar bear*.  The name of it is already awesome.

Exit question - Mutant Grolar Bear v. Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus.  Awesome movie or Awesomest movie?

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